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12 Things To Consider While Camping w/ Small Kids

1. It may take a few camping trips to acclimate your child to the big picture
2. Play “camping” ahead of time will familiarize your child with camping
3. A trip to the library to look up camping books shows your child what happens what happens when camping, they don’t have to be “how to” book
4. Using positive words to describe and excite children prior to camping will give them the feeling of expecting a fun trip, like ADVENTURE, EXPERIENCE, MAGICAL and EXPEDITION
5. Mimicking your home environment with routine or activities makes your child feel comfortable and grounded
6. Children younger 4 and or with children who are challenged be sure to have one person designated to their needs, especially younger ones so they don’t get hurt or scared
7. Have self empathy if your child creates a scene. Know that camping is a family oriented activity and the other campers don’t expect children to be silent
8. Bring the equipment you need, stroller, playpen, matt, monitor
9. Give your child a tour, walk around and let them know what’s happening; greet a few other campers to show them you’re relaxed
10. Plan a camp trip with other children for your kid to play with
11. Bring the right clothing. Make sure you child is comfortable
12. Camp at a “family campground” that have a playground, other kids or a pool