Fall List For Camping

Fall is a GREAT time to

  • Wash sleeping bags and bedding. Store in plastic bags or bins with lids to keep dust free.
  • Tidy up loose gear scattered in the garage or in the house from Summer. 
  • Look for sales on replacement gear. 
  • Put a jar aside to save money for next years gear purchase. 
  • Make a wish list for a Holiday Gift. 
  • Research locations for next years trips.


Ron Johnson said…
You have to be careful when packing away sleeping bags. You don't want them to be too compressed long term. It can decrease the bags ability to retain heat over time.
Ron | http://www.aplusoutdoors.com/Camping/Hiking
Janson Newell said…
Ron is right, you do need to be careful when packing away sleeping bags. I am taking my oldest son camping this weekend for his first time and I am hoping to teach him some camping tricks. I also need to give him the knowledge of which camping supplies you need. http://campingnstuff.com
Anonymous said…
Have you checked out the new Ticla line? I just bought a few pieces at REI and LOVE it. Super functional and cool! I'm getting the Stumptown coffee pack for our next camping/turning into glamping trip!
monika singh said…
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David McNeilly said…
Wish you guys were also in Canada! If any of your readers come up to glorious Ontario Canada just rent a camper. It's a great option to see the sites and have a no fuss camping vacation. www.campingvacationrentals.ca

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